About Us

Our History
Highlands Professional Group, LLC was established in 2004 as a multi-specialty medical management company. Our practice management services include: medical, psychological, and counseling.

Our Team
Our team consists of business administrators contracting with and serving healthcare professionals. We know that together we are greater than the sum of our parts and that people are the most important asset. We are medical managers aligning with medical doctors, doctors of psychology, master’s level counselors, and marriage & family therapists united by a common vision.

Our Locations

At present, we serve twenty-six communities across Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.

  Our Faith  
  We believe that every human being is important and designed by God to thrive and prosper. We believe that each individual is made up of Body, Mind, and Spirit. We are aware that each part works together and must be treated as a comprehensive whole. Our Christian values motivate us toward our mission of seeing people live out their full potential.  
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